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All we design, manufacture, and distribute aims for success on both the small and big screen.

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About JPM

Multimedia publishing house

Originally created in the 90's under the name "Jalbert Production", the company was produced corporate video at the time.

Since the debut of the new version of 2015, Jalbert Productions Multimedia produces scripts, novels, music, videos, and films.


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JPM Musique

Enter for a chance to win $1500! (Back in summer 2024)

TheJust Play Music competition aims to promote emerging artists by allowing them to shine in our competition by playing an original piece of music.

It's simple, just go to the Just Play Music web site and follow the instructions!

Winner of the year 2023: Jocelyn Bouchard

FRAGILE music album

FRAGILE music album

Rock album: The Unfinished Work

FRAGILE music album

Now on sale at our store and at Amazon!

All composed by Sylvain Dufour, his compositions born several years ago have multiple influences but are essentially inspired by the progressive of the 70s.

For the studio recording, the following collaborators include: Patrick Roberge, Yanni Aumont, Denis Courchesne, Frank Julian and many others.

   Available in the JPM store


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